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About Forward Intelligence

Forward Intelligence is the capability of organizations and its people to

  1. generate and
  2. action

insights about the future.

The generation of insights concerns the discovery of relevant trends, the creation of scenarios and alternative futures to identify threats and opportunities that need to be addressed by the corporate leadership processes for

  • strategic planning
  • innovation management
  • risk management

and are executed by the corporate program, portfolio, change and business continuity management functions.

This narrow definition of Forward-Intelligence encompasses the following organizational capabilities and processes:

  • Market Intelligence: Strategic forecasting & horizon scanning of environments and markets
  • Customer Intelligence: Customer engagement & collaboration
  • Partner Intelligence: Partnering & open innovation
  • Competitive intelligence: Competitor research & monitoring
  • Business Intelligence: Extracting trends from the corporate data pool

It extends the typical past, internal, short-term and quantitative focus of BI (which could also be called “Backward Intelligence”) with forward-looking, mid- to long-term, external and qualitative information sources to provide organizations with complete intelligence toolset and continuous processes to successfully navigate businesses in today’s volatile, disruptive and fast-moving environments.

The actioning of insights ensures that the leadership execution and operational processes can adequately and quickly process relevant insights. It concerns the adaptation of the existing planning & execution processes, technologies, people & culture to drive intentional innovation, continuous planning and collaborative decision making.

This broad definition of Forward-Intelligence balances the needs of an organization for efficient operations and effective change & innovation. It aims at the mobilization and engagement of resources across the entire organization in the strategic decision making and idea generation processes ranging from top management to sales people and support staff.

It is the mission of Forward-Intelligence to

  • Increase competitiveness
  • Improve the innovativeness of the day-to-day operations
  • Make innovation more plan-able & predictable
  • Protect and future-proof your business

The benefits of Forward-Intelligence are:

  • Better decision making
  • Earlier recognition of risks
  • More intentional innovation
  • Future Fitness
  • Corporate survival
  • Higher competitiveness
  • Faster learning and improvement