Forward Intelligence Group :: Services

Services Overview

Forward Intelligence Group is a management consultancy specialising in strategic foresight, strategic planning, innovation and risk management

We focus on the implementation, setup and support of of strategic foresight units that enable organizations to be more responsive, innovative and competitive.

 Services Overview


Foresight Implementation

Organizational Alignment

Foresight Support


Enable organizations to conduct foresight on their own

Remove barriers to the successful execution and use of foresight

Gain external insights and guidance

  • Assessments

  • Planning

  • Implementation

  • Training

  • Leadership

  • Execution

  • Enablers

  • Operations

  • Scanning

  • Workshops

  • Report Writing

  • Coaching


Our mission is to realize measureable benefits for our clients by increasing their innovativeness, competitiveness and responsiveness. For this we also provide a wider range of organizational change services that cover skills, culture, capabilities, technology and operational processes like R&D, marketing and sales. Most of those services will be delivered by our team of partners and associates as part of and coordinated by a Forward Intelligence Change Program.